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To Social Media or not to Social Media. That is a very good question!

So, you have been wondering about getting more involved with Social Media. Will it be worth your time and effort? From experience I have to say YES, it will be worth your time. Now what part of Social Media is best for you. Some examples are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin or Blogging. Let me break these down for you and their uses.

Linkedin is a professional network, very useful for business professionals. You can connect with colleagues across the world in all types of professions. Even categorize your connections. For example, a category for publishers or a category for plumbers. Very nice networking tool in the new century.

Facebook is good for personal use and business use as of lately. Keep track of your friends and make new ones. Share your photos. Now you can also put your business on Facebook. This feature works slightly differently than the personal page, so you can put more relevant information about your business. You can send out messages about your upcoming event or sale. Have followers sign up for promotional events. A useful tool. And it is free, that is the best part. You can set up your own Facebook page or get some help doing this. For some it may be pretty easy and then you might get stuck and need just a little help.

Twitter is a good source if you have followers. People that are interested in your day to day events or activities. My thought is that you have to be pretty busy to hold someones interest. Like when GoDaddy went down for several hours a few months ago. A tweeting they went and believe me it was very helpful. I had clients waiting for their websites and the GoDaddy tweets gave me the insight to let my clients know when their wait would be over.

YouTube is a video resource center. Great for all types of videos. Say you have a sewing school for young students, you could put a small section of your class online so new students would know more about the school before they signed up. Or showcase some of your products or yourself. YouTube isn’t just for silly stuff but has some very informative videos on a wide range of topics.

And Blogging ….. it gets the word off of your chest. Literally, you are able to tell the world what is on your mind, or what you have to offer, or what your products are. So just when you have a new thought you can log into your WordPress (or other) blogging site and talk (type) away.

These are all very useful tools. Personally, I didn’t really want to get into Social Media, but have found it fun and beneficial. Social Media will benefit you and your business, I would give it a try.

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