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Not everyone is a Graphic Designer

Before you decide how and who will be taking care of your next project check that they have the experience needed to complete your request. Some important questions to ask would be:

How long have you been a graphic designer?
What software do you use?
Do you have high speed internet access?
How will you supply the finished files?
What are your normal hours that you can be reached?
Are the working files included?

These are just a sample of questions that should be asked. Depending upon your needs, compare the answers from each designer to these questions to find the best graphic designer to suit your needs. In general you want an experienced designer that uses InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Has high speed internet connection for fast file transfer. Will supply you with press ready PDF’s and can be reached during normal business hours. Working files are copyrighted by law to the designer, so if you need them, discuss this at the beginning of the project. Some designers will share them and some will charge extra for the working files and supporting artwork.

I hope this article helps. This is the first article in a series of Graphic Design Tips.

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