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Did you know if you send a designer your logo in jpeg format, you are setting yourself up for disappointment? Why you ask? Jpegs are a poor quality for your logo, don’t use them. Jpegs for logos come with this horrible white background and makes your logo a nightmare to work with. Make sure your...
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So you have this great ad. Gets the message across, grabs your attention, has all of your contact information. Wonderful. Now you want to include it in an online version of the magazine that you spent valuable money on for that ad spot. Okay great. Send that jpeg over and hope for the best. BUT…...
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Are you looking for an affordable solution to your website needs? I have set up another site to expand on the website services offered. Please visit Websites by Creations 4 You for information about an affordable solution.  
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I have recently become an iOS Developer. This means services offered to my clients include online magazine builds for mobile devices, like the iPAD. Also can start new projects for apps. Inquire for your next project by emailing your request. Click here to email.
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So you heard WordPress has been updated to 3.6. Hold on!!! Before you update to the latest version of WordPress 3.6 be sure your theme will support it. Or else you may find your website will not be working correctly when you are done. Double check your plugins also, that they are compatible. Back up...
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Well, I am excited about joining the Creative Cloud community. Keeping equipment and software has always been my priority to better serve by clients.  Plans are, creating apps and digital online magazines for the ipad. Thanks to all of my clients for their continued and repeated support of my work. It is for you that...
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We all have a list of things we hate to hear in our professions. Here is a list of possibly the 10 worst words to a Graphic Designer. Word Powerpoint Microsoft Comic Sans Now PC Minor changes Copy this Jpeg logo Free I could elaborate, but I am sure you will totally understand, if you...
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Thank you for stopping by. I have updated this site to provide more information and samples of work that has been done for clients. A special thank you to all of the clients that have come my way and those that I work with on various projects.
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I am updating this site with more samples of work and a cleaner look. You will find various projects being added under the portfolio page. Soon the front end of the website will have the same look and feel of the blog pages and portfolio pages. Thanks for your patience while the updates are being...
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Before you decide how and who will be taking care of your next project check that they have the experience needed to complete your request. Some important questions to ask would be: How long have you been a graphic designer? What software do you use? Do you have high speed internet access? How will you...
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