Did you know this about stock sites…

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Did you know that you cannot use any stock photos, illustrations, or icons in your logo? Yes that is correct. Stock photo providers such as istock.com or shutterstock.com do not allow you to use any element in a logo. This is so confusing, since there are graphics specifically for logos. For example you look through istock and find this really cool icon you would like to use in your logo. Either you or your graphic designer creates the logo with that icon. Well that would be a NO-NO. Under istock’s Standard License Prohibitions – Prohibited Uses, you know that small type most people don’t read, is this “… the following are “Prohibited Uses” and you may not: 4. use any of the Content as part of a trade-mark, design-mark, trade-name, business name, service mark, or logo;” So next time you request a logo, get a request, or design a logo, be sure to use your own original design. And please don’t ask a designer to “just use an icon from one of the stock photo sites”. NOTE: You may however purchase an extended license, but you must check first with the stock provider....

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Did you know this about logos?

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Did you know if you send a designer your logo in jpeg format, you are setting yourself up for disappointment? Why you ask? Jpegs are a poor quality for your logo, don’t use them. Jpegs for logos come with this horrible white background and makes your logo a nightmare to work with. Make sure your logo is a vector format logo. Vector means it is created from paths, making your logo scalable to any size. This allows the designer to put your logo on top of any background, add outlines or drop shadows to create a more popping effect. Formats for vector logos are PDF, EPS and AI. Ask your designer for these formats. PNG is an alternative to a jpeg as long as it has a transparent background, but it is NOT vector and is a poor version of your logo just like the JPEG....

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Did you know this about ads?

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So you have this great ad. Gets the message across, grabs your attention, has all of your contact information. Wonderful. Now you want to include it in an online version of the magazine that you spent valuable money on for that ad spot. Okay great. Send that jpeg over and hope for the best. BUT… did you know by doing that, your website url will not be hyperlinked in the magazine, meaning your ad will not link to your website. Okay, now what? Well, you have to request that the designer manually put in a hyperlink to your website, which will probably not match exactly that great ad you sent as a jpeg. Then make sure that it works once it is uploaded. Oh it can be done, but to make it easier on everyone, send a PDF of that GREAT ad! Plus your ad will stay just like you approved it to begin with.  ...

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iOS Developer

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I have recently become an iOS Developer. This means services offered to my clients include online magazine builds for mobile devices, like the iPAD. Also can start new projects for apps. Inquire for your next project by emailing your request. Click here to email.

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WordPress Update 3.6 – Wait!!

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So you heard WordPress has been updated to 3.6. Hold on!!! Before you update to the latest version of WordPress 3.6 be sure your theme will support it. Or else you may find your website will not be working correctly when you are done. Double check your plugins also, that they are compatible. Back up your files. Be sure to have a back up of your files. Your wordpress database, you know the one where all of your pages and posts are. Also it is a very good idea to back up your entire file structure where your wordpress is installed. If you are unsure of yourself ask your hosting provider or ask the person who put your website together for...

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