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Branding Arkansas Surgical Hospital

An entire branding campaign was done for Arkansas Surgical Hospital. From print materials to radio and television spots. Also special events were held. Here are some of the branding projects that were done. A media plan was put together that included the objectives and how they would be reach. Schedule of when different marketing events, radio spots, commercials and advertisements would take place.

Physicians Directory:

A long spiral bound book, tabbed by categories for each doctor, information about the hospital, restaurant and fold out map.

Arkansas Surgical Directory



Various Billboards created for Arkansas Surgical Hospital



2 page spread advertisement and a series of full page advertisements were done for Arkansas Surgical Hospital.














Wall of Fame:

Logo was cut from metal and hung above pictures of doctors. Each doctor had an acrylic brochure holder that had information about their skills.



Several concepts were done.


Another option for the website.


This concept was the one that was chosen.
This concept was the one that was chosen.


Banner ads for various websites:

Square banner ad.


Horizontal banner ad.


T-Shirt Design for local race for the cure, promoting Arkansas Surgical Hospital.



Arkansas Surgical Hospital campaign spanned several years with a large return on investment. Several individuals were involved.






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